Ashley Carragher

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Ashley Carragher

Conveyancer - Yuri Smith Team

About Ashley

I was born and raised here in Grande Prairie, and like most I know who were raised here, I was always thinking there was more “out there”. I moved away for a few years, and realized once I was away how much Grande Prairie is my home. I missed things like the amazing Prairie skies, the canola fields, my family, and as much as I regret it now- the sound of the trains! I am very passionate about music, live theatre – especially musicals, my miniature Weiner Dog Maurice, and all things Yoga. I am a certified Yoga teacher, and love helping others help themselves!

I began a career in Real Estate in 2011, and absolutely love the dynamics of a Brokerage. I have been involved with many different types of sales jobs, and have found Real Estate to be the most rewarding. Helping people find exactly what they are looking for in the biggest purchase of their lives, you are not limited to selling only one brand, but can show them everything! Being an extremely organized individual, conveyancing is a great career for me, as I get so much satisfaction of having my finger on the pulse of what is going on, and helping behind the scenes to ensure that each transaction goes smoothly.

Grassroots Realty Group is the true meaning of a “team”. Everyone involved is so encouraging and positive, and thrilled to see every member of the group succeed, both personally and professionally. Joining the movement is truly like coming home, and I am honoured to be a part of this Family.